Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Its all up to me now.....

Well..still nothing from Nate..Figures. Today i meet with the Pastor alone since he wont "Commit" he says he obviously is committed because he is still with me but he wont say it because i make him mad...HOW OLD ARE YOU!! So the meeting today is to discuss what i need to do as the wife..I miss youth group also..I want to know what i have to do to get back in!

He goes to this CTL class on Tuesday nights and its all for men, well last night the wives were invited to come and see what they do and to learn we went to that. I got ONE thing out of it..I cant change him. I can only change myself and pray for God to work on him and change him..So thats my plan. The hardest part is respecting him and biting my tounge when i am mad and wanna fight with him. when i do that i feel like he is walking all over me. BUT we will try it.

Also at home group on Sunday night i was talking to Kieth and Jackie (they are the ones that he stayed with when my dad came.) He offered to meet with Nate and i instead of the pastor..So i asked Nate if he wanted to do that, He said he would RATHER do we will see where that goes also.

Ella is still doing good on the potty! I am excited she has had no accidents! But I am still confused about what to do when we leave the house. she doesn't tell me I have to potty, She just idk. I still have a lot to do with her!

Thanks for reading :) Hope all is well
God Bless (:

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