Wednesday, April 6, 2011


Sorry I am slow at this blog thing..Its hard to do anything with two kidos! anyways..So on my birthday Nate didn't get me anything. He told me to get a babysitter for Thursday the 31st so we could go to a movie..It turned into an argument because i didn't see the need to take asher to a baby sitter for a movie hes still too little.. Wednesday i went shopping with a friend and got some new outfits! then Thursday came and i decided that i would rather go get some more clothes then waste 30 bucks on the Ella was sick so i didn't want to leave her with anyone. So thats what we did..but guess who ended up buying more then i bought....HE DID!! I almost forgot whos birthday it was :( He still has not done the homework the pastor gave us.. so I am going to talk to my pastor on what my next move is...although I will say i can tell he is trying, he will tell me he loves me before he leave the house now..when before he never would! but he is still being rude and inconsiderate..he talks crap about my house being messy, which it is NOT. but then he has the nerve to leave dishes all around and i pick them up because then ella gets to them! ugh! I am annoyed with that kind of stuff...asher and i were taking a nap on the bed this afternoon. he said he wasnt going to bed for awhile..well he decided he wanted to go in and jump on the bed and go to sleep..well hes all talking to me to move and get off the blankets so he can sleep..he totally woke me up..but if i wake him up..its Game over he is a dick the rest of the day! ugh I am still trying to get some patients! and pray to God for the strength to love on him even when he is totally unlovable!
on a happier note..Get ready for it......................................
ELLA DECIDED SHE WAS GOING TO GO ON HER POTTY!! Its been three days now and she has only worn a diaper for bed time!! and had a total of like 6 accidents in 3 days! not bad if you ask me! I am so happy! One less stress on my end. Nates sister got me this 365 day devotional book! I love it! its a short reading and it gets me into Gods word which i need so bad but have horrible pray for me to continue with it!! well i better get off here now..thanks for reading :) and thanks for the b day wishes! if you guys know of anyone who would also be interested in reading my blog pass it on :) I want other people/Christians to know they are not alone!!

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