Monday, March 28, 2011

At A Stand Still

Everything is pretty much at a stand still...Things are not getting better nor are they getting worse. So far no CPS so thats a blessing. Nate and I met with our pastor on Saturday morning. After talking for an hour and a half about the "Box Sermon" he did last year..He gave us "homework" First off Nate has to come to me on his own time and tell me he is committed to our marriage..then when he has done that I am also supposed to do the same but not at the same time he did it and not before. Then we both have to write out the issues we have..such as some of mine are his sleeping habits, sex in general, and the rolls of the house..there are a few more.. but you get the point..and when we have both done all of this he is supposed to call and make another appointment..but that was Saturday and it is now Monday..What is it going to take.. If he was committed wouldn't you think he would have just come out and said it already..

We have both been put on the bench from youth group because we are not being good roll models i guess.. I have a feeling we wont be aloud back on until we start to show we are i am thinking if he takes two months to do what he is supposed to am i supposed to do what i am supposed to do to let show we are trying...Youth group is Monday nights..Like tonight and i wont be there with my girls and I am so sad..
I suppose I am supposed to just do my half and wait for God to get a hold of nates heart.

On another note tomorrow is my birthday! I am finally graduating from being a Teenager! lol Ill be 20 :) Kinda curious to see if he gets me anything but i doubt it so i shouldnt even expect anything. I got some money from some family well all of nates family. so I can go get my hair did and get some new clothes..Its time to dress like a young adult not like i am 17 anymore..I am chubby now so ill probably hit up ross because its cheap and i dont wanna spend too much because i am still loosing baby weight. I got a book called Potty Wise today and its a few methods on potty training..I am about to go crazy because Ella is stubborn so maybe if i can follow something i can get this down!
Asher is 11 pounds and I am pretty sure hitting a growth spurt..he wont stop wining he just wants to eat alllllll the time..Its exhausting. I better go now tho because as i type this he is crying and ella is throwing food.. the Joys of mother hood i suppose! Have a great evening!

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  1. Happy birthday... i read your post yesterday but i decided to answer today so i could wish you happy birthday!!!

    Hope Nate will surprise you today with a good birthday present which could be by telling you that he is committed to your marriage!!!

    Keep us posted and stay strong!