Wednesday, March 16, 2011

I am so Humbled tonight!!

So WOW... I just came home from my home group tonight..It was awesome. In our discussion we talked about spiritual markers.. I am usually the TALKER of the group..I love to talk..But tonight as we were talking about OUR own personal spiritual markers I was quite. My leader asked me "Lindsey you are pretty quite tonight what are you thinking? What are you markers?" I was thinking about my answer but I Just didnt have one or a few.. I was just said that in one year my life has changed..I cannot believe it. Its been one year since i committed my life to God and Moved from California to start a new life..And a NEW life it is..I am no longer in an abusive relationship with my husband..he is starting to learn how i like to be loved and vise versa..We are 100% debt free.. I live in a family owned home so i dont pay rent other than too my savings account. I had my son. I just LOVE Both of my kids. I got a new car at a GREAT deal..I am now a small group leader to my 6th and 7th grade youth group girls..who knew in just a years time i would be teaching the bible and walking beside young girls..I am so happy i gave up being so stubborn and gave my life over..Thank you Jesus for EVERYTHING :)

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