Monday, March 21, 2011

Worst Weekend Of My Life

It NEVER fails it seems...everytime i brag about how great my hubby and i are doing somthing goes wrong. We got into it pretty bad on friday. we were yelling at eachother and i tried to leave and he tackled me for the car keys and he got really physical with me.. Anyways I called my mom in AK. Hysterical.. I needed her..she called my aunt 2 hours away..she came and tried to get Nate to leave that didnt work.. then she called my pastor and my mom back to have her call my dad (whos house we live in. thinking that he could get him out.) my dad lives 14 hours away and he was at my house saturday morning. By then nate was gone. He went to stay with some church family..its been nothing but aunt left on saturday once my dad came to my house..well out of the blue she calls me last night telling me she is calling CPS because i am an unfit mother and i am unstable and i beat my kids..This women is CRAZY! one minute she is my best friend and now she is like going nuts..I am so stressed out!
I need some sleep..Ill post more tomorrow when i can think straight. sorry i was MIA


  1. so sorry to hear about that... i wish i was closer to offer you some help!!! :(

    Hope Nate come back to his senses, regroup and apologize to you for real! or get out of your life forever...

  2. I'm sorry that you have all of this going on in your life!
    I hope your husband comes to his senses and decides to be better..
    I will be praying for you!! I have a small daughter and a fiancee, who thingsjust in the past year have gotten better with! So I can relate to a small degree..
    I know you don't know me..but If you ever need someone just to talk to..feel free to email me!