Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Im a little better now..

The night my crazy aunt calls telling me shes going to call CPS on me, is the same night i called the sherriff on duty here in my super small town. He told me NOT to stress, if she was going to call then they would HAVE to come out to my house. But they CANT take the kids unless they get a court order froma judge and to do that they have to prove i am neglecting my kids and they are in a bad environment.. My house is ALWAYS clean..we got into a little tiff..that happenes to the best of us
I am not totally worried anymore..I think it is stupid that they would even have to come out here but i have nothing to hide..
Nate was aloud back into the house on some conditions...We came up with a plan of action..if things get heated and the other one wants to leave LET THEM and when they get back we can try and talk again..but we CANNOT let this happen again. I grew up in a similar situation. I know first hand what this is doing to my kids..they are still young enough to where i can break the crazy cycle. THis is going to be so hard..Please pray for our family thank you

THank you for the comments. VERY much appreciated.

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